Real estate

EZP law firm advises on matters of real estate law including, but not limited to:

  •  real estate and premises sale transactions
  • developer agreements and contracts for the sale of premises on the primary market
  • commercial lease of office space and consumer lease of residential premises
  • regulating property right of real estate
  • dissolution of co-ownership of land and housing properties
  • regulating the state of real estate encumbered with the actual performance of transmission easement by transmission companies
  • acquisitive prescription of real estate
  • expropriation of real estate pursuant to the Real Estate Management Act
  • regulating the legal status of agricultural land, including changes in the use of agricultural land for non-agricultural and non-forest purposes, and exclusion of agricultural land from agricultural production
  • representing in registration, control and supervisory proceedings before architectural and construction administration bodies and construction supervision bodies

The issues pertaining to real estate law are complex and are subject to the regime of civil law in a broad sense, but also of administrative, financial and criminal laws. In the real estate market it is impossible to find two identical pieces of real estate, it is also very difficult to find two similar ones. Each piece of real estate is unique and has a different story behind. The same applies to  real estate matters, each case requires an individual approach, learning the history of real estate and providing the legal solution appropriate therefor.

The firm provides legal services in matters related to real estate law by, among others, determining the status of the case, including possible limitation of claims, possible legal measures and taking appropriate actions to protect the client’s interests.